Mark van Goozen

Online marketeer and entrepeneur based in The Netherlands


Started as a sideproject of my company BTD Online. Now a full webshop selling the finest craft beers from micro breweries all over the world in the Netherlands.

Builder 3D Printers

Sells quality 3D printers all over the world. I provide the webshop and complete on- and offline marketing campaigns.

Meridian IT

Created the webshop and provide support for their customers with web-related issues.

All-in Transfers Prague

Provided the webshop for this Prague, Czech Republic located company.

HUNCK Design

Provided the webshop for the exclusive cardholders of HUNCK Design.

Code-P West

Provided the website for this company in the Netherlands.

Broodje Bram

One of my first clients of 5 years ago. Still working together.

Centrum Odpadu

First project in the Czech Republic.


Online marketeer and entrepeneur based in The Netherlands. I am the owner of BTD Online and You can find me in a small city in The Netherlands called Alphen aan den Rijn and I like to spend my summers in Prague, Czech Republic.


I’m always interested in working on new projects or startups whether it be for cash or equity, or just to talk over a cup of coffee about online marketing, new ideas and startups. Email me if you would like to work together.